1. I missed the pre-order date for the school uniform. Is there any way I can order from the pre-order environment?

Unfortunately, it isn´t possible to order in the pre-order environment after the end of the pre-order period. As the procurement of emblems, prints, materials, etc. is carried out according to the number of orders and the products are increasingly manufactured by school, we will not be able to accept orders individually later. 

However, the products of many school uniforms can be ordered all year round from our online store if suitable sizes are available. If there is no suitable size at the moment, you just need to keep an eye on it, we will add more products there soon. 

2. Can I place my order by email, phone, or in store?

We only accept orders via online. If you have problems ordering or paying on our website, please contact info@norrison.ee

3. I made the order, but the payment failed. However, has my order reached to you and has it in progress?

No. If the order has not been paid, it will not be in progress. If you have any problems with payment, please write immediately info@norrison.ee. Once the pre-order period of the school uniform has ended and the order is still waiting a payment, it is no longer possible to pay.

4. Why can't I choose a product size or why I can't add it in my shopping cart?

Several school uniform products have an additional box attached to the description, in which you must write the name of the school whose emblem you want on the product. In case, if you don't need an emblem, you can write "no emblem" in the field. If the corresponding field is not filled, the system will not let you proceed with the order.

5. I ordered products a long time ago from the pre-order environment (koolivorm.norrison.ee or koolivorm2.norrison.ee). When do I receive my order?

Products ordered during the spring pre-order period can be picked up in second half of August and products ordered during the autumn pre-order period in second half of November.

6. I try repeatedly to log in to your online store with my email and password (which I have used in previous years), but it doesn´t work.

We have three online stores with different URLs:

norrison.ee - fashion knitwear, workwear and a selection of school uniform products that are immediately available

koolivorm.norrison.ee - pre-order environment for schools where orders are delivered to the school

koolivorm2.norrison.ee - pre-order environment for schools where orders are sent to Smartpost terminals

You need to create a separate account to log in to each of the environments. If you have previously ordered a school uniform only from the pre-order environment (koolivorm.norrison.ee) and now you want to do it from the online store (norrison.ee), then it´s necessary to create an account in the online store. 

If the school has forwarded packages from the school in the previous year and has now changed the receipt to a Smartpost terminals or vice versa, this means that the school has been transferred to a new pre-order environment, so it is necessary to create a new account there. 

7. My school doesn´t have a separate category in the online store. Can I still order a school uniform all year round?

For schools who doesn´t have a separate category in the online store, a selection of products can be ordered. To do this, you need to go to the "school uniform" - "immediately available" - "by product". All schools have the opportunity to order pants, skirts, polo shirts etc. all year round.

Be sure to fill out an additional field by typing the school name on it, so we know what logo we have to print on the product.

Please be sure to familiarize yourself with the product and color range offered by your school first!

Knitwears and caps unfortunately cannot be ordered all year round.

8. My kid is going to I grade this year. What school uniform products and how much does (s)he need?

You can find, whether it is necessary for your school to buy an entire set or just a few products, on your school's website. There you can also see the entire range of products and colors offered by your school. 

9. I'd like to place order, but I'm not sure what size might fit...

The best option is to come and try on clothes. We are located at Telliskivi 60/2, D-korpus (by Reisijate Street). Information on opening hours and location can be found here.

If it´s not possible to come in our store, our measurement tables will help.

10. I use a smartphone to pre-order my school uniform and can't find the school menu on the screen. Is it possible to order a school uniform using my smartphone?

Yes, it is possible. Turn on a horizontal layout instead of a vertical, and now you should see the school menu on the left side of the page. 

11. I subscribed to your newsletter, but I don't see any discount. How can I use my discount?

The promotion code is useable only one-time and will be sent to your e-mail when you first subscribe to the newsletter with a welcome letter. The promotion code can only be used in our online store (www.norrison.ee). The discount cannot be used in pre-order environments (koolivorm.norrison.ee and koolivorm2.norrison.ee). 

12. The system don´t allow me to proceed from the personal data form.

Please click the "edit" button and check that all required fields are filled. It is definitely necessary to fill in the phone number field, as you will be notified arrival of the package by phone or text message.

13. I can't pick a parcel machine.

Before selecting the button in front of the Omniva parcel machine, select the city or county that suits for you from the Omniva drop-down menu and then the appropriate parcel machine. You can then proceed to payment.

14. I've chosen the payment method and bank that suits me, but I can't click the payment button.

Please make sure you have read the terms and conditions of use and ticked the box.

15. I've add the items to the cart, but the system won't let me go to payment.

Probably someone else has been faster and bought some items in your cart a few moments earlier. Either the model, size or quantity you want is no longer in stock and the system won't let you pay. In this case, please contact our customer support and we will resolve the issue together.

16. I want to create an account to make a purchase, but I get an "Authentication failed" message. What's the matter?

Try creating an account using the form on THIS PAGE. You may also not be able to create an account because the email address you entered already has an account. If you have forgotten your password, you can order a new one on your e-mail HERE.