Omniva parcel machine 3.20€, FREE DELIVERY from 100€ 

Itella Smartpost parcel machine 3.20€, FREE DELIVERY from 100€

Itella Smartpost courier 7€, alates 100€ ostust TASUTA

Norrison boutique Telliskivi 60/2 FREE DELIVERY

Latvia & Lithuania

Itella Smartpost parcel machine 6€, FREE DELIVERY from 100€

Itella Smartpost courier 10€, FREE DELIVERY from 100€


Itella Smartpost parcel machine 9€, FREE DELIVERY from 160€

Itella Smartpost courier 18€, FREE DELIVERY from 160€


Itella Smartpost courier 10€, FREE DELIVERY from 160€


Itella Smartpost courier 15€, FREE DELIVERY from 160€

Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Poland

Itella Smartpost courier 16€, FREE DELIVERY from 160€

Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Portugal & Luxembourg

Itella Smartpost courier 22€, FREE DELIVERY from 160€


It is possible to return the product during 14 days after you have received your package. In order to return the product(s) please fill the RETURN SHEET and include it in your package. If printing the return sheet is not possible for you, you can handwrite all the necessary information on the A4 sheet instead. 

Itella Smartpost Return:

Add the filled return sheet to the package. While packing make sure that the package cannot be opened without damaging it. Remove the old address card. To send the parcel, enter the same code that Itella Smartpost sent you when you received the package (you will find it in the SMS notification of the arrival of the parcel). The parcel machine will give you the necessary address card and will open the door. Below are Smartmail return options:

a. If the parcel arrived at the blue parcel machine, the parcel can be returned free of charge with the same door code as from any blue parcel machine across Estonia.

The parcel arrived at the blue parcel machine can also be returned from the white parcel machine by making a return in the self-service environment of on the basis of the shipment number (bar code).

b. If the parcel arrived at a white parcel machine or parcel point, the return can only be made on the basis of the shipment number (barcode) of the self-service environment, you can choose to return from both the white and blue parcel machines.

Omniva Return:

Parcel notification by text or e-mail usually also includes a return code. This will allow you to retune the parcel free either through parcel terminal or postal office. Parcel can be returned free via both parcel terminal or postal office irrespective of if it was retrieved from a parcel terminal, postal office or delivered by a courier.

Returned parcel must have its address card attached. If you are returning the parcel via parcel terminal, the terminal will print out a new address card. Attach it to the parcel.