Norrison is a 100% Estonian company

Norrison is a local company with its 25 years of experience. We are a leading developer and manufacturer of Estonian fashion wear, workwear, promotional clothing and school uniforms. We are well known for our school uniforms and workwear.

Our whole design and production process takes place at homeland. The first sketches are made in Tallinn, where the company's development and sales department nests, and the ideas are realized in the masses at the other side of Estonia, in the Võru factory, where we are taking care to offer the customer high-quality and durable knitwear. There are other major advantages to domestic production: for example, delivery times are much faster than for competitors who purchase the service from abroad.

Production is environmentally friendly and sustainable

In today's world, where people are increasingly thinking about their ecological footprint and changing their consumption habits accordingly, sustainable and environmentally friendly design is becoming increasingly important. We also considering the preservation of our nature and living environment to be extremely important. As a result, our production process is ethical and responsible, and respectable traditions of knitting art go hand in hand with innovative implementation.

All our clothes comply with OEKO-TEX® standards, which represent that the textile journey from the raw material to the final product has been environmentally friendly and the products are made of components that are not harmful to health. 


Quality which is classic but also characteristic

For the people of the Nordic countries, knitwear is the backbone of the wardrobe, and we make sure that all our knittwear are stylish, durable and comfortable. From us you can find representative fashion products made of high-quality Italian yarn.

We are offering a wide range of cardigans, dresses and sweaters, as well as various accessories and much more for each season. All this is characterized by a unique handwriting that is simple and classic and elegant. It is easy for customer to combine Norrison's style and color palette with their own wardrobe.

Complete solution for workwear and school uniforms

As one of Estonia's largest uniform clothing manufacturers, Norrison Ltd. has dressed some of the country's most prestigious companies and schools, among others. One significant strength is undoubtedly the company's comprehensive solution for uniform clothing, ranging from knitwear, blouses, skirts, and trousers to ties and scarves.

The uniform form of sports is not a problem either – we are cooperating with the Nike quality brand. 

To have logos on uniform are really important and there are several ways to add them: embroidery, emblem, digital and transfer printing. Our modern technology allows us to create promotional fabrics and clothing with their symbols. 


Our long-term clients: